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Sorry, we’ve been away

Giannelli Winery is not dead, we’re not fake.

We’re focused on making small batches of 1 or 3 varieties at a time. This is a very slow process and one that’s preferred to be perfected before we “go big”.

It may be another year before we start selling to the masses, but be sure, our wines will eventually hit the shelves of stores across the country.

Once in a while we will communicate new wines. For now we’re going to be somewhat quiet.

It’s been a while…

Thing about Beer and Wine making is it’s a lengthy process. The good news is I’ve been quite busy with it.

Made 5 cases of a delicious Super Tuscan that is now aged to where it needs drinking. Same with the Cabernet Souvegnon and another batch of Sangiovese.

I also make beer. Here’s a rather lengthy video going over the process. Imperial Stouts and Belgium styles are my favorites. I technically only make “what I’d drink” so it is of the best taste and quality.

The first 2 batches are complete!

We’re very excited to have bottled the first 2 batches of wine this weekend. The Sangiovese to the right and a very delicious Chardonnay to the left. Corking still presents an issue that I’ll get right someday with an upgraded corker.

First two batches


We really can’t wait to start on the next wine, an 18 gallon batch of Cabernet Sauvignon from a premium grape stock. With some hope that next year our very own Cabernet vines will be grown enough to produce grapes.

What started as a hobby has grown well beyond now. We’ve got big plans to grow out into small batch stainless steel fermentors and oak barrel in the next year or so. Donations will help accelerate this process.